2015 into 2016

Today I went to the grocery store and as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I started thinking that I may have embarked on an adventure I wasn’t really prepared for. 


It was packed, from the parking lot, to the isles. On my way into the building I put in some headphones to block out as much ambient noise as possible and started repeating my three-item shopping list. I knew where each item was, I quickly found my first item in a middle isle and made a bee-line for the coolers on the back isle. I grabbed my two items back there, carefully snaking my way past people who seemed lost and confused. I grabbed my last item and turned for the cash registers, as luck would have it, the first isle I went down was empty, There is a light at the end of this tunnel.


As I made it to the front of the store I turned right and saw a register that was open and only one head poking up over the top, that’s my target. As I turned into the line, that person was just swiping their card, I dropped my three items on the belt. Seconds later my three items were in a bag and I was headed for the front door. I ducked left to pass a slow person, and the next thing I knew I was out the front door and headed to my car. This whole grocery store visit lasted less than one song, even though it could have been much worse.


This story is exactly how my 2015 went. It was my first year on any tour, much less being a lead tech, and I was all alone. So many things could have gone wrong. I’ve heard stories of people going out on their first tour and bombing big time, people with far more experience in this industry than I have. It could have been a long grueling year of fighting battle after battle, getting my ass kicked week after week. Instead, I somehow sailed through this first year with few problems, and the ones I did have, I was able to handle quickly and move on.


This year I also got some stability in this industry I wasn’t expecting to get for years. When I re-entered this line of work in 2014, after a seven year break, I expected it to take years before I could have any form of stability again. I would have never guessed that it would come in less than 18 months. A part of that shift was the end of a relationship that probably should have ended sooner than it did. However, I’d have probably gotten back into this line of work without that relationship. Either way, it’s demise allowed me to move across the country again, and that allowed me to get a big bump up in the company. Something I wasn’t planning for.


I would love to take credit for all the success I’ve had this year, but I owe a lot of it to the folks I work with. My client on tour is a bunch of amazing folks who want me to succeed as much as they want to succeed. I’m blessed that the people at my company will do anything they can to help me out, wether it’s answering a stupid question or making a costly overnight shipment to keep the show going. The people I work with on the course are simply amazing, from concessions to rules, they do things I could never ask for. In the dozen or so jobs I’ve had before this, I’ve never been surrounded by such amazing people. 


I’ve heard people make cracks about women’s golf not being a real sport, but fuck that. The competition is fierce, the players are nice and tremendously competitive, and the background people are simply amazing. It’s truly a team effort to make these tournaments happen. I’m proud of the things I did in 2015, and very excited to see what I can do in 2016!

Richmond, Va

Today I am moving into my new home in Richmond, Va. In the next couple days I will finally have the time to sit down and write about the adventures that brought be here. 

Back in a Few


Hello friends,

Due to a personal situation there won't be any new photos for the rest of the week. I will try to return to my regular schedule on Monday. Thanks for your patience and support.


New Photo: Sand Man

Ever since stumbling upon the Tug Galene I've had a growing fondness for old tugboats. The stories, character and beauty that surround these working machines is mesmerizing. At the same time, it is very difficult to create a compelling photo of these boats, their surroundings often don't lend themselves to good photography.

What subjects you love, but find very difficult to photograph?


Hey folks, looks I forgot to post a new photo yesterday. Over the last few days we have been dealing with an unusual amount of winter driving and it's rather taxing, I just forgot.

I normally pick what photo I want to publish the day before, then do the write up, check the links and setup it up to go live at 0200 pacific time.

i will have new photos tomorrow and Friday. Next week will be Pizza Week, featuring five photos of making pizza with Karen's parents. It's gonna be fun!