Weekly Update #8: Food, Steel and Friends!

This week was pretty boring until the end. I started cooking on a coleman camping stove. It cooks nice and quick and the saving will be huge. There are still a few logistics things to work out with the new dishes taking up space and the best ways to handle the dirty dishes. My water use is going to increase by a large amount, but that is a minor cost compared to paying restaurant prices. 

On Friday I replaced the failing Pimpy Red van with a nice 1986 Ford Bronco, I picked it up from a friend of a cousin for $1800. One day one the ignition key tumbler failed, rendering the Bronco motionless until I could get a locksmith to show up. He wound up having to drill out the tumbler to pick out the pins so he could get it to turn and remove it.

It has a 351 under the hood that i’m sure will suck down a fair amount of fuel, but the Pimpy Red Van didn’t exactly sip the fuel either. The Bronco is in MUCH nicer condition than the van was. The transmission was failing, all the doors leaked, the drivers seatbelt failed, the interior sliding door handle broke, the passenger front door didn’t close right, and I could go on, it’s life was over. I suspect the bronco still has another 10+ years left in it.

Today(Sunday) was my typical dash across Montana, with a twist. I stopped off at the rest area in Anaconda, MT and met up with Katie and Stacy. They were kind enough to give me a tour of the area, showing me where the hawks and Bighorn Sheep hang out. I also got to scope out some potential parking spots so I can venture out there on my own too. Stacy extended the offer for me to catch a ride with her in the future. They are both fine individuals and represent Montana very well!