Weekly Update #6: Bent Metal

First things first, It’s been more than two weeks since the last Weekly update. What can I say, time is a mysterious thing...

The biggest thing to happen in that time was being involved in a jackknife wreck. No, I wasn’t the one who jackknifed, nor was I hurt. I was headed north on I-5 in the right hand lane about to change over to WA-512 east when traffic started to slow, quickly. I was leaving plenty of following distance so I didn’t have to jamb on the brakes. Then, BAM! I was pushed forward some and saw another truck right behind me in my mirror, but there was no front end damage. I pulled off to the side and the the other truck did too.

After talking with the other driver, I learned that he was watching other drivers, and not me, the guy directly in front of him, when I slowed. When he noticed me he slammed on the brakes and quickly jackknifed. When his hit my truck, he hit it with the rear axle of his tractor, the impact actually pulled him out of the jackknife. That was a good thing for him too, as another truck was headed right at his drivers door until the impact put him back into just one lane again.

As it turns out, the whole reason we were slowing was a multiple car wreck just ahead of us in the same lane. Here are some pictures of both wrecks.

As I mentioned in my most recent Financial Update, I'm trying to find a way to cook in the truck. I started by buying a the only propane camp stove my local Fred Meyer had available. Upon assembly,one of the fragile copper lines inside cracked, rendering it useless. When I attempted to disassemble it, it broke even further. In fact, the only way to finish dismantling it, was to completely mangle it. Needless to say, I'm won't be replacing it, in fact, I won't ever buy anything with that brand name again. Lesson learned.