A crisis of sorts

Ok folks, I know I promised an update this week, but I've gots me some problems. The main one being that I'm not in my truck, I'm in a loaner while my truck is in the shop. The main problem with this is that the loaner does NOT like my power inverter at all.

It doesn't take much fort power inverter to complain(beep) about a lack of voltage, in fact, I'm lucky if the computer even starts. Once I'm up an running, even something as simple as scrolling through a web page will make the low voltage warning in the inverter scream. Attempting to edit a RAW image will cause the inverter to shut off, rendering my work useless.

If this isn't bad enough, I'm stuck with this truck until Saturday at the soonest. So not only will I not gave new updates for you, but I won't have new picture either.

The good news is that once I do start editing, I will have weeks worth of new photos to post for you!