New Photo: Risky Liver

A bit over ten years ago i was living in a friends loft in downtown Ballard, he dropped by one day and said that he had run into a friend on the street and she was playing around that corner that night. So that night we strolled over, ordered up a beer and watch her and her friend play. After the show we had a beer with them and talked about music for a bit. That was the night I met Joy Mills and Tom Parker, they were a touch nervous on stage, a touch awkward and were having fun. A few weeks later I moved to Florida.

A bit over a year later I returned from Florida and saw an add for Tom and Joy playing at a small joint in Fremont, so I headed on over. During one of their breaks, Tom looked at me and said, "Hey, aren't you that plumber guy?" He came over, we caught up on things and he bought me a beer before taking the stage before. For the next several years I watched them play and introduced them to more people.

The more they played, the more talented they became, to the point that they now look completely comfortable on stage, wether they are playing in a band or doing a solo gig. One of my favorite things is their jazz attitude towards their music, they'll throw a solo to other band members and even completely re-invent one of their own songs.

In this particular band, Risky Liver, they play the country classics, like Willie and Waylon and put a bit of their own spin on it. And as you can see, at this venue, it was all they could do to just barely fit on the stage, and stairs!