Weekly Update #10: Where Did That Silly Truck Go?

Last week I promised you a story about finding my truck, so here it is:

Normally when I drop my truck off for a PM it is either done that day, or I drop it off for a few days and drive a loaner for in the meantime, this is what happened a couple weeks ago. It usually only takes a few days so I didn't bring the keys for Smoky with me so I wouldn't lose them. The less you fiddle with them, the less chance you have of losing them, right?

Well, it turns out they needed a whole week to work on my truck instead of just part of a day. So when I came through Portland in the middle of the week I needed to stop by and grab my cars keys and some other things from my truck for when I got home in a couple days. When I walked through the yard I couldn't find my truck, so I went to the shop and they didn't have it, they had sent to it Freightliner.

So I dropped my trailer in the yard and set out bobtailing to find my truck. I was told it was at Freightliner on Swan Island. After covering every road on Swan Island I couldn't find and Freightliner shop, but I did find the Freightliner headquarters.I called my boss and he told me it was at the Freightliner dealer in the northern part of town. So off I go...

After about 30 minutes at this dealer they told me they couldn't find any record of my truck ever being there. They called our company shop and were told it was at Freightliner on Swan Island. Between the dealer and our shop, neither of them could come up with an address, just the street name, one I had already searched on.

So I headed back down to Swan Island and looked some more, this time I pulled into every driveway and behind all the building but still couldn't find anythings remotely resembling a shop. There were several warehouses with Daimler signs, but they were all locked up and you needed a keycard to get in so I couldn't even ask a receptionist. After giving up I called my boss back again and this time he was able to ping my truck with the GPS system and overlay it on Google maps, sure enough, it was in one of those warehouses, but he still couldn't get an actual street address. I had him pull up the live GPS location of my loaner truck and he lead me to the building.

When I was finally in front of the right building it still just looked like a plain warehouse with no way for someone without a keycard to get in. Luckily someone was just arriving and heading into the building I stopped him and asked about my truck, he knew about it and let me in to get my stuff. He said I was lucky I saw him because there was no other way for me to get in.

This whole adventure took 3 hours and left me just dumbfounded as to how they can deliver a truck somewhere and have no idea what the address is, or how to get it. With all the complex communication devices used in trucking these days, this industry still isn't much better off than the days of pay phones and carrier pigeons.