Small Places, Happy Faces


"Won't you get tired of each other?"

That is one of the first questions people ask us when they learn we are living in a truck together. In the last two months we have spent all but one day with each other, side by side, talking, driving, cooking, sleeping and so on. If these last two months are any indication, then no, we won't be getting tired of each other any time soon.

"How long have you been married"

This is the next most common question people ask us. I just lie and say six months and move the conversation on. Apparently, the majority of people still think we are living in sin if I tell the truth, so it's become much easier to just answer this way.

Living in the truck together has created some of its own challenges. Right now, storage is our biggest problem. All of our storage bins are nearly full, and that's after creating a ton of new space that the truck didn't come with. We added cabinets to the top bunk, drawers inside of the factory cabinets and a storage bin on the catwalk. Even with all the new space, we still have food trying to attack us from all angles.

On a photography related note, I had to cut WAY back on the gear I keep on the truck. Karen wants me to bring it all, but there just isn't room for it. The bulk of what I left in storage is lighting gear, the modified body and Minolta lenses. I have ordered a few new items to make photographing food in the truck much easier though. Soon I'll write a post about some of the techniques I'm using to get good photos in the truck.

Karen has done a wonderful job of adapting to cooking in the truck. I gotta give her a ton of credit, the food appears and tastes as though it was cooked in a full kitchen. She is blogging about learning to adapt and the great meals she is able to cook on the truck. You can find her blog by looking in any of my recent food related posts.

Now that we are settling into our new lifestyle, I'll be getting back into the routine of blogging weekly. We have already had a ton of adventures that will make for some fun stories.