Weekly Update #12: Mistakes Were Made

The good thing about mistakes is that they can range wildly in severity. Lets start with the mild:

A couple weeks ago I went to the store to get a new belt, my old one was getting rather short and I was tiring of poking new holes in it. After picking out the right belt, I spotted a clearance rack and browsed through the shirts, I wound up getting a few. I then wondered over and grabbed a couple pairs of properly fitting jeans. All told, the damage was about $250 and as I walked back to the car I cursed myself for spending so much money. I should have had the stereotypical mens shopping laser focus and gotten in and out like a flash.

And now for the wild:

Last week my boss had me pick up a backhaul that we've never done before. The pickup went fine, but the delivery end, not so much. While making a U-Turn in their yard a hit another truck and punched a hole in the side of my trailer. Luckily the damage to his trailer was nothing more than what the typical wear and tear a trailer gets over the years of being shuffled by yard drivers.

So yeah, running into another truck is much worse than buying some clothes, but both will be very minor setbacks only three year plan. Like always, I'll just keep chugging along!