Weekly Update #11: The Caffienne-Free Blues

It was probably about 2002 or so when I was working in the instal bay at Car Toys when a Red Bull car pulled up and gave all us installers a few free cans then went on their way. Turns out, the crack dealer method of sales works rather well. Since I was 22-ish at that time and had never had caffeine, and the Red Bull had quite the kick, I was hooked. This one event set off a 10-year addiction to caffeine that ironically, would end because of a surplus of Red Bull.

Just before this last Christmas I had three days off, the second of those two days was a very long day, due to an early wake-up call and a late night at a bar watching some friends play live. The next morning I had another early wake-up so I could drive 50 miles so my dad could help me work on old Smoky, the rest of the day was spent editing tons of photos.

As I was sitting there editing I overheard some conversation about my dad going to the store, but wasn't really listening as I was in that lala land between struggling to keep my head up and editing. It was probably 10-15 minutes after he left that I realized he was at the store, but I didn't know what store. I shot him a quick text message and asked if he could get me a tall Red Bull. Being that he isn't into energy drinks, it wasn't long before he called trying to get some help find it, he thought it was one of the many micro-brews I enjoy and was looking in the beer isle. I guided him to the correct isle and he went on his way.

When he returned home, I realized the mistake I had made by not listening to the initial conversation about him going to the store. Turns out, he went to Sam's Club, and instead of a single tall can, he bought an entire case, and gave it all to me. It was quite the generous move, and he wouldn't let me pay him back. It turns out, this was a great move on his part.

It took me less than two weeks to consume that case of Red Bull, yowsa! This revelation was a shock, even to me. When the case ran out I asked myself if it was worth it, nope! Then I did some quick match, and I was consuming about $30 of energy drinks a week. If you run that out over the 3 years I plan to be homeless, that's $4600 and that's a LOT of money! These two bits of info made it quite easy to decide to drop caffeine from my diet.

Sa far, this has been a success! Today is day 28 without caffeine and I was VERY lucky to have no withdrawal symptoms. Maybe I just got lucky and won the genetic lottery, who knows? But it is nice to know that I'm not a slave to the evil caffeine gods, and padding my bottom line isn't so bad either. In addition to quitting caffeine, I've also decided to cut back my alcohol intake to one day a week for two reasons, to cut back on calories and to save a little more cash.

Where else can I cut back?