Weekly Update #13: Ouch. Just ouch

So, with my job my upper body is in great shape, and for the last few years I've let my job of chucking freight take the place if any real exercise. Well, over the last few weeks that has laziness has come back to kick my ass. A few weeks ago my left leg has been sore and the pain has been getting worse to the point that it is nearly impossible to walk or stand. After some research and consulting with a nurse friend it looks like I have a pinched sciatic nerve. The pain runs from my left ankle to the very top of my left leg. The more I work, sit or walk the worse the pain gets. On a scale of 1 to Kidney Stone, I'd put that pain at about 75%.

Yesterday I did some stretches aimed at the sciatic nerve and man-oh-man those stretches hurt, a LOT! When stretching my right leg I could feel it in my lower spine and even the upper part of my left leg. The great news is that immediately after the stretches the pain my lower left leg went away. It's nice to see returns so quickly. Today i could sit comfortably mot of the day and most of the pain was gone.

I want to keep losing weight as well as strengthening my legs for my June vacation to Glacier National Park so I need to kick this problems ass, get my lower body in shape as well as do some cardio. I'll be sure to keep you up to date on the progress.