Weekly Update #14: Getting the Shot

Sometimes you create a fantastic photograph and you can hang it on your wall and call it good, nothing more needs to be said about it. And sometimes there is a story behind that photograph that just needs to be told. This is one of those photo’s that has a story.

Krystal and I had setup to shoot this day and as the day progressed things started falling apart. The clouds were rolling in, some of them were spitting rain and this was planned to be an outdoor shoot. But even though it was cold, windy and trying to rain we continued on anyway.

The plan was to drive along the Palouse highway and look for places to shoot. our first stop was when we turned around in someones driveway and we spotted an old style wood plank swing hanging from a tree near the road. We stopped and shot some on the swing. It was quite cold and as Krystal was starting to shiver we decided to move on, we also didn’t want to risk having to deal with a potentially angry homeowner.

We continued down to highway where we found a couple of places off some side roads to shoot on. On our way up the second road I spotted an old wood gate with and field and old barn and it caught my eye. We stopped there on the way back to the main road and parked in front of the house. While Krystal was preparing I spotted an odd looking statue up the driveway, too far to really venture up for a shot though.

We shot quite a bit using the gate and it’s fence and I have to say, Krystal is quite the trooper. It was still quite cold and windy yet she hung in there and got the job done. She was shivering yet, when it came time, she suppressed the shivers, hit the pose and kept going. It was quite impressive.

After we were done at the gate and headed back to the car I said, “It sure would be fun to get a touristy shot with that bear.” she agreed, we looked at each other, then took off up the driveway. She snapped right into this touristy bear pose and as I snapped the shutter I heard the distinctive squeak of a screen door. I said “They saw us, run!” and we both took off back down the driveway. We could hear a man yelling something but we weren’t going to wait around to hear what he had to say.

As I hit the road I looked back and saw that I was clearly outrunning Krystal so I could slow down a bit to let her catch up. After I slowed I look up at the house and there were now two adults and a couple kids on the front porch and the father figure yelled down, “You don’t have to run.” I stopped and he invited us up to shoot on his property and even use his barn, this was exciting!

We parked the car in their driveway and chatted for a bit before they bid us good luck and returned to their warm house and let us loose to shoot on their property. Naturally, the barn had our attention and I grabbed what lighting gear I had with me and off to the barn we went. When we got there, we decided it was best to shoot outside before it REALLY started raining, then move inside. 

We did our outdoor shots then when it came time to move inside I setup the lone lightstand and umbrella I had with me and we started shooting again. It was so dark in there that I had to switch from my new 40mm f/2.8 lens to my trusty 50mm f/1.4 to aid in focusing. I set the power on the lights by  instinct and only had to make a couple small changes in aperture to make it just right.

I decided to change the background a touch and turned us so this window was in the background and this was the first shot out of the camera. I looked at the camera to check the exposure and the look on my face must have told the whole story as right away Krystal was excited to see it. We both knew right then and there that it was the shot of the day. We laughed, high fived, shot for another 10 minutes or so then called it a day.

This one shot made the cold, windy and rainy weather and manure covered barn floor well worth it.