I'm Back, Kinda

Hey folks, I'm sorry for the delayed absence.

I originally took about two and a half weeks off work and rested my back at my parents cabin, then when I returned to society I didn't really pick back up where I left off. Instead, during my vacation I discovered a bit a peace from being disconnected and it's taken some time to get fully reconnected. On top of that, I've been avoiding the return to blogging because of this very post. 

I must confess something though: I screwed up.

There, I said it. On one of the first days of my vacation I screwed up big time and slid my trusty Bronco off a dirt road and into a couple trees. I'm ok, no one was hurt, but I did cause a large amount of damage to the Bronco. There is some minor damage on the front, some major damage on the left side, the removable top is completely destroyed and the brakes needed some work. The tow bill to get it back on the road was nearly $1000 in itself. Fixing the other problems ate up almost all the rest of my savings.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, other than safe driving lessons, it is that having a savings account for such emergencies is an incredible stress reducer. Never once did I have to worry about where I was going to get the money to fix this mistake, I just pulled out my phone, opened up my banking app and transferred the money. No borrowing money from the family, no checking credit card balances, no waiting for the next pay check. Just transfer the money and slide the debit card, done.

Other than that, I have a bigger tragedy on my hands that I haven't even started to fix yet. The Drobo that I store all my music, TV shows, movies, books and RAW files has failed. I can't access any of the data on it. One of the things I intended to do on this vacation was back it up to portable drives, but it failed before I could do that. It appears as though the device itself has failed, and not the drives in it. If that is the case, I should be able to recover that data by replacing the device, but I'm broke so I can't do that yet. If it took the data with it, then I've lost years of photographs with no way to recover them.

As far as my physical health, the reason for the hiatus in the first place, I am doing better. The time off was great for my back. But returning to work hasn't been, I'm slowly getting worse again, but nowhere nearly as bad as before. There have been some recent changes in my personal life that will help me with a long-term solution to this. I can't write about it publicly yet, but expect an announcement in the next few weeks.

Until then, there won't be any weekly updates as there isn't much going on. I will try to get some new photos up periodically though. So please hang with me during this slow patch and I promise things will get much more entertaining around here soon enough.

Here are some images from the wreck with a couple of the replacement top, enjoy!