Weekly Update #4: A Stumble

For the most part, the first two weeks have gone pretty well. There is one small thing I forgot to check, and that is if my power inverter has the juice to power up all of my computer gear, and it won't. I have a monitor, 2006 MacMini and a Drobo FS to power up and 300 watts it's quite enough to make it through the booting process.

My company has a 200 watt limit for power inverters, but 300 is the smallest pure sine wave inverter I could find and still be able to sneak through the company shop without raising too many eyebrows. But that still leaves me with this power problem.

I think that in the short time I will get a larger inverter and plug it into the Pimpy Red Van and run an extension cord over so I can do backups on my day off. Ultimately I will get a Honda EU2000I generator for this purpose. It's a bit expensive for just some computer gear, but I doubt I'll regret having it in the future.

Speaking of computer gear, my main scratch drive started acting funny. If there is anything I've learned about a drive acting funny is that you immediately stop using it and replace it ASAP. So yesterday I got a new 1TB portable drive to replace it. Tonight I will transfer all the data off it and toss the old one.


When was the last time you went to a laundromat? It had been years since I had gone and I'm happy to report that they are just as weird as they've always been. I had some half-bald guy wearing a bandana around his neck try to strike up a mumbling conversation, but I quickly ducked out for food and to do some grocery shopping. At least there are some nearby services that I need so I can be somewhat productive while doing such a silly task.


For my online print ordering and fulfillment I use SmugMug and over the summer they raised all their prices, a lot. This caused quite a stir in the photography community and this week they announced that they restructuring one if their plans so that beginners, like me, can keep a few of the top tier features while keeping the original pricing, this saves me $100 a year. It's some good news to randomly get in your email!


Yesterday I went at looked at some studio space on Lake Union. It's a pretty nifty place with two studio rooms, changing rooms, backdrops, 7 Paul C. buff lights with modifiers and radio triggers. The guy who runs it is a cool guy who also happens to be friends and neighbors with the owners of the Tug Galene, the tug I rode on, and made a timelapse video of, for the tugboat races this year. It's a small world!

Anyways, I'm signing up to use the space in two weeks. I would have signed up yesterday, but I didn't think to bring my checkbook. I'm such a child of the digital age that it never occurs to me to bring it anywhere.


There is one more project I'm investigating so you'll have to stay tuned to see what that is...